How does the website actually work?

I've realised that its all very well being cooped up in my studio drawing, painting and designing then popping it up on my website but it's not translating to sales. Usually I get some great feedback and then silence, a bit like you would in a picture gallery. But I'm not getting enough customer interaction and ultimately commissions.

There a number of reasons for this, one certainly being that I haven't been self promoting enough (it's now top of the list) another being that some products that I am launching are still at sample stage so it's more difficult to imagine where or how my designs can be used but also I don't think I've been clear about what service I can provide. 

So I've designed a simple infographic flowchart to explain all. Who doesn't love a flowchart๐Ÿ˜Š? 

How to use my website_flowchart.jpg