About AWDesigns

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Q: Who are you?

A: I’m Andrew, a Surface Designer.

Q: Right, but what IS a Surface Designer?

  • A: Surface design encompasses all creative aspects of design without being constricted one specific discipline. So, for example I design: Award winning Children’s Books, textiles, stationary, logos & branding, type, cushions, wallpaper, pattern, websites, ceramic tiles and a whole lot more besides.

Q: Where did you train to be a Surface Designer?

A: I began my training at Edinburgh College of Art where I gained a BAHons in Printed Textiles. I then continued my studies in London at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (now part of the University of the Arts London) where I gained an MA in Textile Design.

Q: So where does the Book Design come into your career?

A: Ever since I was young I have loved books and never grew out of them. Shortly after I left Saint Martins, I started work as a junior designer on a travel and food magazine, then applied for a position at Walker Books , A leading children’s books publisher and spent 7 years designing books and working with illustrators and there began my passion for children’s books. I continued working for various publishers in London for the next 10 years. To this day I work in a freelance capacity, Art Directing and designing books for many different publishers and now, as self publishing becomes a growing market, I find some of my clients are self publishing.

Q: Your most recent design work has a definite Mediterranean vibe about it! What is your inspiration?

A: Two years ago, me and my husband moved to Spain. It was quite a bold move but we have not regretted it for a second. We live in a very remote part of Andalucia near Granada and we are surrounded by a very rich colourful and diverse landscape. The inspiration is outside my front door. The pace of life is slower and I can take time to photograph, draw and paint the vast and vibrant life out here. When I photograph a dragonfly and spend hours drawing every single vein on its fragile wings, I realise just how incredible these insects are. Likewise the plants, birds and foliage in their natural habitat are complex and bursting with colour. 

Q: Fantastic, I want to have some of that Mediterranean warmth and colour in my home! How can I order it?

A: Simple, just contact me and we can discuss your requirements. Most of my clients are from the UK and Europe but I am happy to work with overseas clients too. I have an online shop here where you can buy greetings cards and limited edition giclee prints. Original drawings and painting are available on request too. I have an ETSY shop also

Some of the designs featured are licensed by Bridgeman Studios - you can see more here

I offer a bespoke service too. If you like the style or subject of a design but its not in your preferred colour I can discuss tailoring to your specific needs.

Q: When you are not designing and creating how else do you spend your time in Spain?

A: Me and my husband write a blog called Two South of Granada, about our lives in Spain, from our decision to relocate, to buying a house and settling into life here an expat, the ups and the downs!

We have also set up a business called Granada Concierge. We create personalised travel guides for those visiting the Granada region. We are also running week long creative courses starting with Flamenco Dance in May 2019 others to follow including Botanical Illustration, Children’s book writing and illustrating, Cooking and Yoga. For more information visit our website Granada Concierge

AW in studio